Order and Shipping


To place an order with paulblanca.nl:

  1. Select a size: 30x40, 40x50, 100x120 cm.
  2. Select a finish: Dibond, Plexiglass or TruLifeTM Plexiglass.
  3. Click on the button "Buy photo print by e-mail".
  4. Your email program will open with a new email created and prefilled with text.

  5. Within a day you‘ll receive a reply from info@paulblanca.nl with a payment request as a link. You can pay with the following payment methods.

    All prints are excluded from the right of withdrawal, because each print is custom-made.

  6. When you click on the payment request link in the email you received in step 5, a page on useplink.com will open and handle the payment.

    Plink is an initiative of Mollie, which processes all payments.

    21 Bits develops and manages paulblanca.nl, manages all payments, shipping and customer support in partnership with Paul Blanca.

  7. After you‘ve paid for your order, you‘'ll receive an email from info@paulblanca.nl with Track&Trace as soon as possible. We use one of the express delivery services listed below.


Express delivery services are used to ship your package:

  • FedEx logo
  • DHL logo
  • TNT logo
  • DPD logo
  • Skynet logo

All orders on paulblanca.nl have free worldwide shipping. Shipping depends on the availability of destinations of these express delivery services: FedEx, DHL, TNT, DPD and SkyNet.

A complete street address and valid phone number are required for shipping. Partial or incorrect addresses may result in additional charges.

Delivery is within 29 days.